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Welcome to www.quests.fr !



 www.quests.fr .  is a place for sharing experience and research on one theme: the quest, or the quests, we are following through our actions in the world and through the visions which inspire them.


A child was looking at a sculptor at work. The shape of a horse gradually appeared from what was initially a big block. At first, it was vague; then it became more and more precise. When the work was completed, the child asked: “how did you know there was a horse in this block?”.


The assumption here is that we are both the sculptor and the horse…In other words, this is the assumption that inside of us is something we have to discover and unveil throughout our lives.  Hence this idea of a quest, or of quests, through what sets us in motion and makes us act, far  beyond the mere satisfaction of our biological needs.


This site was born from a fascination by this human energy, so similar and so diverse among all of us, and by the mystery of its meaning.


The thread of our quests is not easy to find and to follow.  There are more questions than easy answers in these ventures;. it is those questions that we will explore here.



Practically, how to recognize my inner compass, if such a thing exists? How to live through turning points in life ? What risks should I take or not take ? Should I listen to the voice of reason, of enthusiasm at first sight, of intuition?  And how to recognize them all ?
More generally, what am I chasing after ? What am I searching in my various actions and projects ? What roles in my life do they play ? What rules do I give myself in them ? .. and probably a few other questions.


What will you find in this site ?
You’ll find food for thought helping to connect with these questions:

- Accounts of experiences or interviews from persons who will accept to share their experience on these matters ( their anonymity is protected, according to their instructions, through changes of names and of significant details)
- Original research, which most often will be based on such interviews and try to draw lessons from them, to identify trends, commonalities or differences. 
-  Notes about, books, articles or films which bring insights on these ma
- Comments that readers will make on those documents

The aim is never to convince the reader that any of these documents contains “the good model” or the “good answer”; different points of view can even be found in the site. The aim is to give readers opportunities to reflect and feel what is good for them. This in another underlying assumption here: a quest is very personal; we cannot tell someone else's route, we can only offer possible resources for their journey...

So, this site welcomes contributions, accounts of personal experience, research, comments, suggestions. You can simply visit it or help making it a living place, a collective creation (See on page "How you can contribute").

In any case, enjoy your visit(s) !

 The site offers two versions : one in French and one in English. They are similar most of the time but it may happen that a text from one version is not translated and therefore does not appear in the other one, at least temporarily. Native English speakers are kindly asked to excuse and tolerate the sometimes clumsy use of English (depending on who writes).The good side, when you are  a native English-speaker, is that others have to use your language. The bad one is that they use it their way... 


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